From Hearth to Home

From Hearth to Home

From Hearth to Home

Posted by Bitterroot Timberframes on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Regional architects, interior designers and artisans set the trends in the Northern Rockies

Written by Big Sky Journal Staff 
April 2015

Bitterroot Timber Frames and Millwork

When a great room is centered around windows that perfectly frame mountain views and walls are lined with swirls of weathered pine or the patina of aged barn wood, who needs artwork? The organic materials and the picturesque scenery are the décor, while the timber frame structure, perhaps built from reclaimed lumber, references the landscape outdoors.

From Hearth to Home
From Hearth to Home

With the “old world quality and modern day craftsmanship,” Bitterroot Timber Frames is a company that specializes in developing these type of stunning ambiences. From a small handcrafted cabin to a large Western compound or resort home, the company designs and builds homes that express the beauty of wood.

“Bitterroot Timber Frames is committed to design excellence, which is to say that we strive for thoughtful and appropriate response to our client’s site, their lifestyle and budget,” said owner Brett Mauri. “We prefer to use locally available materials, historically indigenous to the region we are building in, simply because it makes sense economically and in terms of that materials’ performance following installation in our homes.”

But if materials aren’t available locally or if a client is looking for a specific variety of wood, the company also purchases and sells unique reclaimed materials from across the globe, including 200-year-old oak timbers and hand-hewn siding and old redwoods from local water pipelines built to serve historic mining operations in Montana. And when called to produce a contemporary architectural expression, the company has access to mills specializing in production of the “highest quality of coastal timber available in North America,” said Mauri.

Bitterroot Timber Frames also fabricates a line of custom doors, millworks and architectural antiquities and specialize in the construction of handcrafted timber trusses using traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Craftsmen can finish and preassemble complex trusses and frames at their facility located in Stevensville, Mont., and then these components can be shipped to locations across the United States.

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