Barns, Bitterroot Timber Frames

Barns and Bitterroot Timberframes. America loves barns. All over the United States, people are beginning to return to one of the building forms that recall our roots as a nation. And today's interest in building barns isn't at all limited to those who suddenly want to own animals. People are using barns as their primary residences, guest cottages, studios, offices, garages, and gatherings of all types.

Bitterroot's architects, builders, and timber wrights know barns. And if you are among the fortunate who have enough land on your property, a barn addition can be adapted to any existing architecture and return many times the value of your investment.

Bitterroot Timberframes is a master barn builder, building structures from the smallest one-car garage/apartment, to one large enough to accommodate a full-sized basketball court.  In between, buildings that range in size and function from 500 square feet for a small pool cabana, to the above tennis/guest house, a 25-meter indoor swimming/training pool, horse barns, and all manner and sizes of guest houses, and outbuildings.

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